Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a BUSY, yet fun Easter... having nieces & nephews makes Holidays so much more fun... they are all so stinkin' cute, I mean, I personally think I have the most adorable nieces & nephews around!!
We had a full day, splitting it between time with my Mom & family, then my Dads, & then The Geurts side.... and although busy, it was a great time, and beautiful weather, and we really enjoyed spending time with the kids & all the family!

Here is Grandma Peggy with the two oldest Geurts Grandaughters

I just love this picture, these girls are so cute, & let me tell you, they may be young, but they sure know how to pose for a picture-- especially Natalie... haha!

Dave love hanging with the kids more than the adults, & they love hanging out with him just as much... he plays with them & gets them as hyper as can be...

Here is our cute Brady.... freaking cutest little 3 year old around. He's a doll & so much fun... and I think he looks a lot like Dave- I hope our kids are this cute someday!!

Marissa, who is DEATHLY afraid of me (cries whenever I'm in the room), but hey, she loves Boston (Grandma & Grandpa Geurts doggy) She was terrified of Dave until just recently... now she says "Dave's Cute!" Maybe someday, we can get her to think "Kristen's Cute!"

At my family party, we had a traditional Easter Egg hunt, with some eggs for adults... Dave found the Jackpot EGG, a whole 5 bucks!! And he sure was proud!!

The day was full of blowing bubbles....

We found our Easter basket full of fun things... including a princess crown that Dave was wrather drawn too.... hmmm....

My Cute niece Maren was just having so much fun hunting for eggs... and was thrilled to find her basket!

She had a lot of fun riding on Uncle Daves shoulders.... even in her poofy Easter dress....

Stealing myself & Easter kiss...

Some fun with the brothers.....

Hope you all had a great Easter, HAPPY SPRING!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I feel the need... the need to READ!

So this past summer, when I picked up the Twilight series, I began my journey of reading for pleasure... I had no idea that I enjoyed reading so much until I picked up Twilight. Ever since, I started to read like crazy... And I got really into murder mystery books, and other vampire books, and just whatever I heard was good.

I need a new good book to read. Dave is super obsessed with reading, is in a book club, (he is a major nerd), but we have totally different reading styles. So I usually don't get into the books he is reading, & the other way around.

The last FAVORITE really good book I read was The Hunger Games... Who ever has not read this book, NEEDS to go out and get it. It's one of those where you finish it in like a day or two cause it's really exciting and an easy read. I absolutely loved it.

And if you like it... there is good news! In September the 2nd book is coming out. (and rumor has it she is writing a third right as well!)


Anyway, I need some book suggestions... please suggest away! I've been in a slump, and not read much, and I need something to kick my love for reading back into gear.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things...

A few of my FAVORITE things are:
cuddle time with my neice....

Rainy day walks with Dave & my neice... ( I love my neice if you have not noticed)

And spending time with my family & honey!

Life is good...... weekends like these should NEVER end!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

change is a good thing...

So, my Mom lives in AZ.... and well, I go visit there a lot! Like several times a year. Dave has never come with me. Why you ask? Because Dave says I'd enjoy spending time alone with my Mom more (aka Dave gets a weekend of freedom watching soccer and making messes and eating whatever he wants). Also, he says he wants to save up his vacation time for a "Real Vacation"...

I have quite a bit of vacation time considering I've worked at Sinclair for over 7 years, so taking a Friday off here or there is not a big deal.

Anywho... onto my point. After these last 2 recent visits, and being in lovely weather in the middle of winter, and spending lots of time with my Mom... a lightbulb went off in my head! "Why in the heck don't we move out here!!?" I hate the winter (although I love to ski), I love the sun, and no offense to Utah, but I wouldn't mind getting the heck out of here for a few years.

So while I was there, my Moms spouse took me to see some houses since he is a realtor. BIG MISTAKE. I was sold on a house, and now all I can do is think about moving there.

So, we are considering the move... although in this economy the job market can be scary, so we both need to find good stable jobs first. But, it's definitly something we are considering, Dave says "IF" he can find an awesome job... right now there is nothing he is interested in, but I told him to just keep on looking every week.

So cross your fingers for me (or us) cause I really want this to happen!! :) I'm hoping & praying & wishing upon a star that this amazing job that comes along in the Phoenix area for Dave....

Look how awesome this house is: (it has a pool/hot tub/ outdoor firepit & grill... what more could we ask for?)

Oh... and also... we just booked a trip to MAUI! We're doing our honeymoon over... exactly... staying at the same place & everything. And I can't wait. 2 months & 3 weeks to go! We invited our friends Don & Lyndsey to come with us, so it will be fun to go with them.

Maui HERE WE COME! (view from the hotel balcony...ahhhh, pure bliss!)

Other than that... there is not much to update at this point! We're a bit boring!! :)