Friday, June 24, 2011

2 month Doc Appointment... & shots!

We went to Sydnie's 2 month check up this week. It's so much fun to see her growth progress at each of her appointments. I can't believe how fast my baby is growing!

2 month stats:

Weight: 11.16 lbs (60% centile)
Length: 24.02 inches (96% centile)

She is sooo long! She is seriously growing out of everything lengthwise. But she's pretty slender still. But trust me, she eats... and eats... and eats. Right now she is wanting to eat every two hours, so I feel like all I do is nurse.

Also at this appointment she had to get her first set of shots. I was absolutely terrified. But the time came, and I held her little hand and looked in her big pretty blue eyes & talked her thru it (or myself thru it). She screamed bloody murder for about 1 minute, until I gave her a binkie, and she was good. Even after we got home, I thought, wow, she is surprisingly happy for just getting shots... and then around 6, it hit. The saddest cries, and saddest faces I've ever seen. Little whimpers of pain... and would only stop when I held her close, or while she lay in just her diaper in her swing. She would just scream if we put clothes on her. So this is how she spent her night.

After a nap, she woke up screaming... and after a diaper change & some big loves & cuddles, she finally ate... Daddy gave her a bottle, which never happens, she will usually never take a bottle, but I had to pump while she was napping. Surprisingly she took the bottle & enjoyed her time with Daddy.

The next day we were back to our normal Routine....

Outside! Happy times!

Also this week... I've been placing Sydnie in her crib in her own bedroom from time to time to get her use to EVENTUALLY sleeping in there. (she is still in bassinet next to me in our room, not quite ready to give that up yet. I *still* check to see if she is breathing, at least 5 times a night)
She has discovered her mobile & loves it! I remember sitting in her nursery, rocking in the rocking chair, weeks before she was born... winding up that mobile... & dreaming of the day I'd put my little girl in her crib & watch her look up at the mobile & listen to the sweet music it plays. I can't believe that day is here. I am soooo lucky... so blessed to have her! I love her so much!

She is my dream come true.

Friday, June 17, 2011

.. happy day ...

I love my baby... Period.
The end.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

8 weeks old!

Sydnie Anne!
You're growing up way too fast. Please stay little forever!
How in the world has 8 weeks gone by? I seriously don't know... you are getting so big already. Today as you were napping Mommy was going thru your clothes & packing up several that no longer fit you. I can't believe you're already growing out of your "newborn" clothes. :'( Lengthwise you're just growing out of everything. But your a little beanpole so widthwise you still fit that newborn stuff.
You are too cute for words. But I will try to express in words all your cuteness.

You smile like CRAZY~ all day. You love to talk & be talked to. And you love to smile, and be smiled at. Your favorite places to have "deep conversations" with me is your changing table, and on a blanket in the backyard. You just get super happy & talkative when you are laying flat on your back, so you can wiggle and squirm about. You flap your hands out, and kick your legs, and just move move move as your talking to me in your little baby coo's. It's pretty much my favorite thing EVER.
You absolutely LOVE the outside... and anything that is bright or gives off light. So you love to stare out the windows, or at the windows, or up at the lights. You are most content when we go outside in the backyard and lay on the blanket under the tree & look up at the sky thru the branches. You seriously are so content & would stay there looking up at the sky for hours if you didn't get hungry. We spend several hours a week outside.
You have beautiful blue eyes. The most gorgeous shade of blue ever! I had hoped you'd get my green eyes, but as of right now, you have baby blues! Just like your Daddy. You love to look at people & observe them. You look like you have so much going on in that little noggin of yours. You are so curious, and observant, and interested in people. You have the funniest facial expressions when you're "observing" people. Your little eyebrows go up & down, like you are just taking it all in, and have such an opinion about it. I can only imagine all that is going on inside that little head of yours!
You just LOVE your playpad. At 8 weeks, you are already grabbing & hitting all the toys & playing with them. You love to lay there & play.
Just this past week you started sleeping thru the night. One 5 hour stint, 2 6 hour stints, & one verrrry long 8 hour stint! I was so proud of you, and so happy to get some much needed rest. :)
Every morning we wake up, change you into one of your many cute outfits, and of course, ALWAYS put a bow on your head. When you don't have a bow on your head, I feel like you don't look like yourself! haha. Silly me. But I just love to dress & doll you up. You don't seem to mind either.
You love tummy time with Daddy. And he sticks his tongue out at you and you copy him. You both find this very amusing. You LOVE your Daddy.
Sydnie Anne, we just love you so much! Can't imagine our lives without you. I wouldn't change being your Mommy for anything in the world. The last 8 weeks has been the happiest, most challenging, exciting, overwhelming, & most rewarding time in my life.

You had nap today, in your actual CRIB, instead of the bassinet next to Mommy. I realized it was probably time to start slowly getting you use to the crib... sad for me, but you didn't seem to mind! Slept like a gem!

We went on a walk today in the sling.... you loved it! I loved it because your bundled up so little and close to me like when you were in my tummy. It was cute.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Updates Galore!

As you can see we have several updates with tons of pics of Sydnie... (I'm camera crazy, but can you blame me, look at how adorable my baby girl is!)
Here is a list of the updates and links to each one.

*No Dairy
*Look Who's Smiling
*Bath Time!
*Hangin' Out
*Favorite Things
*Ballerina Girl
*Millcreek Canyon Hike

Everyone is doing FaNtAsTiC! We are happy & healthy & couldn't ask for life to get any better.

Millcreek Canyon Hike

Finally! The weather has been BEAUTIFUL, and we've got out of the house. With Millcreek Canyon basically being our backyard, we could not WAIT to go for a hike up there. This past weekend we went. It was gorgeous! Can't wait to have many more weekends like this!


Sydnie does the funniest thing when she is relaxing, or about to fall asleep. She points her little hands out. It's like she can't relax them. They are fanned out like this when she is in her most relaxed state. It's hilarious. And soooo cute.

Ballerina girl

One of the best parts about having a baby girl??? DRESSING HER UP!
How freaking adorable is my tiny ballerina??
I could kiss her all day long! We love to play dress up. :)

A few of our favorite things.

We LOVE our bouncy chair.
Sydnie just chills in it, and watches TV. She already LOVES TV... uh oh!

Sydnie absolutely loves her fishy playpad. Daddy & her spend a lot of time on the playpad. He teaches her how to hit the rattles and fishies. Every day when Daddy comes home they go to the playpad & have some fun!

Hangin' out.

We do a lot of hangin' out... just layin' around & relaxing. I'm obsessed with my gorgeous Daughter, so I am constantly snapping pictures of her. I seriously can't get over how absolutely perfect & adorable she is. Her Daddy thinks so too... we can't get enough of her!


We tried out our bumbo a few weeks ago... We started to get the hang of it... and slowly but surely are learning to hold our head up!


We started giving Sydnie baths in the big tub instead of her little one. She absolutely loves it. It has becoming part of our bedtime routine every night. She kicks her little feet, and smiles, and coos. When we take her out, she SCREAMS her HEAD off! She does not like getting out. I think it's safe to say this girl is already ALL about BATH TIME!

Look Who's Smiling!

Sydnie started smiling at about 5 weeks old! It's the cutest dang thing ever. She has many facial expressions. We laugh so hard at them. She furrows her little eyebrows all the time. Looks at us like we are complete idiots.... or smiles like she is the happiest baby in the world. I just love it! Mornings after I get her all dressed, she is sooo happy, and smiley. She will go from smiling, to passed out cold in a matter of seconds. All that smiling takes a lot of effort! :)


We've been pretty busy with our cute little princess!
Where do we begin?
A few weeks ago, we started to notice our little angel was becoming EXTREMELY fussy & soooo ultra high maintenance. She seemed to have quite a bit of gas, I'm telling you, that sweet, tiny, darling little baby could FART more (and louder) than most adults I've met. Although quite funny at times, we realized she was quite uncomfortable. After reading up about it, & discussing with our pediatrician, I (Mommy) decided that I would try giving up Dairy for a week to see if it made a difference to Sydnie's tummy. Well, she turned into an ANGEL baby. So happy. No gas. Totally content. So that means Mama won't be able to eat anything dairy... cheese, ice cream, milk, butter...etc. Guess this will help jump start my diet to help lose this baby weight eh? No fun though, you don't realize how much you'll miss Dairy till its gone.. and it's in like EVERYTHING.
Oh well, it's worth it for my little princess. Oh the sacrifices that come with nursing... who knew? I always thought this whole breastfeeding thing would be so easy. Well, it's been the hardest thing I've ever done, that's for sure. But I wouldn't give it up for anything. :)