Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Job. Stay At Home Mommy!

What a week!

This week was filled with lots of sleepless nights as usual, Mommy aint gettin' any sleep. But that's ok, I get to spend my sleepless nights with the cutest little babe ever.

Thursday, I went into my place of work, Sinclair Oil Company, where I have been doing accounting for the past 9.5 years, and offically gave my notice. Crazy. I had no idea I would be quitting. But can you blame me? Look at this face! As if I could leave her for 8 hours a day?! HECK NO!

Also this week, it's like Sydnie is waking up even more & more & becoming a little person, instead of just sleeping. She is smiling! All the time. I know it's early, but I swear she smiles like crazy. She loves when her Daddy gets home from work, and he talks to her & plays with her. She talks back. It's so dang cute!

I really can't get enough of my little princess... even though I am sad to say goodbye to friends and work & a routine I've known for nearly 10 years-- I've never been more sure about my choice. This is where I want to be. This is what I want to do. Be a Mommy! I love LoVe LOVE this little girl!

My life could not be happier, or fuller, or anything. I feel totally satisified. So happy. So content. I've been waiting to feel this way for a long time. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guess who's already 1 month old?!

I have no idea how 4 weeks have already passed by. I feel like i just got home from the hospital somedays... other days, it feels like I can't remember life without you Sydnie-Boo!

At one month old:
*You are holding your head up incredibley well!
*You love to play with your tongue.
*You have started to smile at me!
*You have gone thru on average 90 diapers a week. No, I am not exaggerating! You cry if you are even a tiny bit wet.
*You slept for a 5 hour stretch once so far. Mommy is hoping for more of those nights. :)
*You make the funniest face when Daddy kisses you, because his scratchy beard tickles your face. You sure love your Daddy!
*Sometimes no one but Mommy can soothe you when you are fussy. You will instantly stop crying when you get in my arms. This makes Daddy a bit jealous. :)
We sure love you baby girl! Even though you are getting SUPER high maintenance. I guess you take after Mommy.
Can't wait to see what changes & growth happen over the next month!!

Sticking out that tongue!

In jammies getting ready for bed!

Life is good!

I take so many pictures on my cell phone of my little doll, because I always have it on hand. She is so perfect. So beautiful. So precious! I can't get enough of her.
Here are my favorite pics I've snapped in the last 4 weeks.

Naptime... oh how we both love it!

We bought Sydnie a playpad, & she LOVES it. She is still really little, but already has figured out how to kick & hit stuff! So cute.

I know, I'm the hugest dork ever, but when we drive places, I have Dave drive so I can sit in back & watch her in her carseat, to make sure she is ok. I'm a new Mom, what can I say?
Here she is just chillin' on a drive!

Another naptime shot... She is just so cute & peaceful.

4 am feeding, no doubt.... Even tho I hate getting up, she is just so dang cute! I love her little jammies.

I'm pretty sure they don't get any cuter than this!

Our first stroller ride. The weather WAS so nice 2 weeks ago, we went on a stroll around our neighborhood.

This is one week old exactly, we were on our way to her first Dr. Appointment.

Just a few days after we got home... she sure loves to stretch out now that she is out of my belly & has all the room in the world.

Wide awake!!

I just love my darling to pieces! She is so cute. I literally can't stop staring at her. I think she is the most perfect thing in the world!

:) :) :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Daddy is a Dr!

My Dad is amazing! He has been working hard for years & years in school & work to get to where he is now. He constantly amazes me. This past week he graduated & got his Phd! Dr Feller!
Dad I'm so proud of you! I love you.

Mothers Day

I got to celebrate my VERY first Mothers Day! It was awesome. Dave (and Sydnie) spoiled me. I woke up to homemade waffles & fruit & juice. Flowers... And a baby carrier for hiking & walking this summer!
Words can't begin to express how I feel about being a Mom in just the past 3 weeks. Wow. What an amazing experience so far. So many ups and downs, and sleep deprived nights, and I really am loving every minute. I love my baby girl so much. I'm so happy to be her Mommy.

Meeting the cousins

Booties from the neighbor...

Our cute little neighbor came over to meet us & the baby... she brought some adorable little booties she had knitted for Sydnie.
She loves them, they keep her tootsies nice & warm!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A baby is BORN!

It's a bit bloody... it's a bit gory... but here she is being cut out of my tummy! I love to hear her first cries!


9:43 a.m.

First Bath

She wasn't so sure about the whole bath thing the first time...
Scared me/stressed me out giving her that first bath... but we both survived!
Now, we've had several baths, and she loves them. :)

favorite pictures...

We are so in love (if ya can't tell)! These are just a few of my favorite pics taken at the hospital.