Monday, January 19, 2009

One lucky gal....

I had one of those weeks, I've been kind of moping around, and not feeling like myself, in a depressed mood, I always get like this in the winter. And I think there is so much excitement the entire month of December, when January hits, and there is nothing going on, you don't see your family as much, and things just go back to normal... and I always get sad after the holidays. So I was feeling more emotional than usual as I was going thru our computer and all the old picture files, and came across a file of my pictures from when I was little. It made me think back on the wonderful childhood I had, and how lucky I was to have such amazing parents & grandparents. It's weird to think that so much time has passed since these pictures were taken, and it makes me feel homesick in away, if that makes any sense.
Anyways, these are my favorite pictures I found... I love my family so much, and totally miss my Grandpa. I couldn't exist with out my family, they are my best friends, and we have always been so close. Looking at these pictures makes me want to have my own family...... SOMEDAY down the line. :) I can't wait to have fun and make new memories with my own kids someday. I just feel like one lucky gal to have such great siblings who are my best friends, and such great parents, although they are no longer together, have stayed amazingly strong and been such a great support to me & I love them dearly.
Oh man, how I loved my "wormy" pajamas... and my big brother Kasey!
Hahaha, do you think someday we will all look back at our own hairstyles, and wonder what we were thinking? My Mom has a full on MULLET in his picture! I love it.
I love this picture, my Grandpa was my hero, and so much fun! I miss him!
I've always had a close relationship with my Dad, ever since I can remember. I love this guy, he's an amazing man and the BEST father.

OK, well this post was more for myself than anything... so I apologize for getting all sentimental!!
And other than that I don't have much to report on the home front... things are pretty boring the last few weeks. We went skiing once, and that has been the extent of our excitement... Oh, and we're going to Arizona in 2 weeks to visit my Mom who I miss dearly!