Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So we went to the first REAL game of the Season. Most anyone who knows Dave knows his obsession and love for SOCCER! I'm constantly being dragged to a game here or there. If he's not playing on one of his 5 teams, he's watching it on TV or going to an actual game.
The first Real game was a few weekends ago, and I went, along with my Brother in law, father in law, and "soon to be" sister in law. It was freeeezing and we had to wrap up in blankets and drink hot cocoa. I swear those 90 minutes went by ever so slow! But it was fun anyway!

Our first camping trip!

A week after our honeymoon we decided to go camping with all the new camping gear we received for our wedding. We went up Little cottonwood canyon, and it was a blast.

We went with my brother & his wife, and my younger brother, and brother in law. We stayed for 2 nights. The second night all it did was rain! But it was so fun.

Hello World!

Welcome to our blog!
So we're new to this whole blogging thing, and it will probably take some time to get the whole thing down! So I'll just start with the basics.
We're Dave & Kristen Geurts and we got married August 25, 2007 but we have been together for almost 6 years!
So we're just starting out our married life together, and so far its been great!
Dave works at Waterford Research Institute as a Software Programmer. He makes learning games for children. He loves his job and is very happy with his work, he's been there for almost 2 years. He also is a web developer on the side, and quite often has freelance projects that occupy his time.
Kristen works at Sinclair Oil Company in the accounting department doing Accounts Payable. She has been there for over 6 years.
We live in a condo in Bountiful, and we're getting really anxious to sell the condo and get into a home!