Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Pictures....

Back in August we got Family pictures with the ENTIRE Geurts family. There has not been a professional picture taken (other than weddings) since there was only one grandbaby. NOW, there are 6 grandkids, & 2 on the way!
More to come.... but here is our big, cute, happy family. :) I'm excited that our baby will have
cousins close in age. Beck was born in April, so he will only be a year older than our baby, &
Jared & Laurie are due 4 months before us. So there will be plenty of playmates! Can't wait!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my pregnant snack of choice...

So, I have not really had any cravings yet... other than Mexican food... but nothing much else. But, I have become quite fond of these little guys.
They are amazingly delicious... and so good for you! I made a promise/goal that I was going to be as healthy as possible while I am pregnant, so I don't gain too much extra baby weight. I'm terrified of blowing up huge while preggers. I finally have got some energy back & have started walking every day. I love that I almost feel NORMAL again! Not falling asleep at my desk at work, and crashing for the night right when I got home @ 5... well it makes me feel like I have a life again. It's great! :)
I wonder when the cravings will come... and if I will be able to resist the naughty ones..... hmmmm.

Friday, October 15, 2010

So Happy. :)

Well, I opted to be part of a Research Study going on at my Dr's clinic for 1st time Mom's. It basically monitors Mom's more closely, and lets me get extra cool ultrasounds, so I agreed to be a part of it.
Dave & I arrived at the appointment yesterday, at 4:30, and we waited for nearly a half an hour before we even saw ANYONE to check us in. I was fuming mad, pregnancy horomones raging at this point. The lady could see it written all over my face how pissed off I was. haha. I didn't mean to be so mad, but what can I say, my temper is short these days! So, to apologize for making me wait, they gave me an extra long ultrasound, and gave me a DVD of it... (which I will be posting soon, as soon as Dave can figure out how to get it on here) It was SOOOO cool! I had only had one ultrasound with my Doctor on my first appointment, that lasted like maybe 2 minutes, and we got one picture out of that.
So this time it was like 10 minutes, and we saw the baby, squirm, punch, kick & move around! We saw actual fingers, toes, feet, nose, lips! It was INSANE. It made it all so much more real. Oh my gosh, we were just dying at how cool it was. You don't really realize how real it is this far along, (almost 14 weeks) because you don't feel the baby... you don't really look pregnant (although my pants are starting to get tight...eek) and it just doesn't seem like anything is going on. So to take a peak inside and see that cute little baby playing around, getting annoyed at us poking at him (yes I think it's a him!) it was just the highlight of my LIFE! Yes, you read that right, the highlight of my LIFE!
I can't tell you how HAPPY I am, how happy WE ARE. This is truly such an amazing experience, and I feel so lucky & blessed that I have this little baby growing inside me. Such an incredible thing.
I can't wait to meet you little baby! April can't come soon enough.
Check out some of the shots.

Little fist! How cute is this?!? I love that little hand!

Look at that cute little profile, lips & nose!

So cute! I love you so much already baby!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have to say, my Husband is pretty amazing. And he just turned 29!! We had a day full of celebration.... he had a full on little kid's b-day party @ Fat Cat's with all his nieces & nephews & Brother & Sisters. It was a blast... he is still just a big kid at heart.
Happy Birthday Davey-Poo, I love you more than anything!!

Dave just got his Apple Developers License, so I had to get him an ipad, so he can start making APPS & Games! He' loves it...

The announcement...~continued~

So we announced to our parents the exciting news on Thursday. We got these cute shirts & I had cookies made (cuz I couldn't make cookies look that cute, trust me) And we went to both our parents houses & announced the good news! They were all so excited... it was so fun to tell everyone... I feel like I've been holding this secret in forever, even tho it has only been 12.5 weeks! haha.
Here are some pictures! (BTW... Dave really is excited... he just doesn't know how to smile for pictures. haha)

Friday, October 8, 2010


It's official.... we are PREGNANT! Couldn't be happier! We are so excited... and can't stop smiling!! We got our first glimpse at the baby @ our 12 week Ultrasound yesterday.... might I add how freaking adorable this baby already is?!?! ;-)
Can't wait to meet you on April 19th little one!!