Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a lil' update

Wow, December flew by!
I can't believe how fast time is flying by.... seriously. I only have just over 3 months in this pregnancy before my little baby will be here!
We had a wonderful Christmas & Holiday season... we have been living @ my Grandma's while we have been trying to sale our condo, so this Christmas was our first away from the condo in 6 years! It was weird... and all our Christmas stuff was packed away so we had to improvise & get a tiny little tree for our room... But it was fun! Our last Christmas with JUST US...
Christmas Eve our darling little nephew was born 3 weeks early! He's so cute... and we love him to death! Carter Jared Geurts, welcome to the World! I can't get enough of him... I'm glad my sister in law lets me come over & hold him lots. He's preparing me for what's to come in 3 months. He looks exactly like my brother in law Jared... a total Geurts! Love him.

I had a week off for the Holidays, and I put that time to good use! I got a ton done on my quilt... I just have to sew these little pillow puffs together, & do the border & back! I'm so excited... I can't believe little old me did this... I'm so not crafty. But I'm getting better the more I do this kind of stuff.

And lastly... Here is the latest Belly shots! 25 weeks here... crazy how time is flying and this bump is growing! I just love our little baby so much already. Can't wait for her to get here.

Also during some down time, Dave & I decided to venture out to Babies R Us to start looking at baby stuff... holy cow, that was overwhelming! But we got some good ideas, and know what we want to buy!

Dave wanted to pick out Sydnie a little outfit from her Daddy... how adorable is this! He specifically wanted purple, & he loved the little tutu. So cute. He adores her already.

Well there is a little update! Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season! Sad it's over....