Sunday, May 3, 2009


A lot has happened since I last posted, I've been slacking on the blog lately... probably because I usually did it at work, & now I can't log in to blogger from work. So, here goes my attempt to update this blog on what we've been up to!
A few weekends ago we decided to be really spontaneous, and, on Friday I found a deal online for a buy one night get one night free stay in Park City, so we went up there for the weekend.
Dave was really sick the entire time, but we got out for a minute & drove to Deer Valley & took some pictures. It was so pretty. I love little weekend get-aways.

Dave was realllly into the cowskin rug in our condo, as you can see... He recently told me that Calvin Klein has since called him, after seeing this picture, & asked him to be a model.... Good for you Dave! haha.

The weekend after that I went to Arizona, again. Yes, I am spoiled, Dave constantly tells me how spoiled I am that I get to fly to Arizona to visit my Mom & Brad (brad recently moved there). I am indeed spoiled. I always watch for those crazy flight deals on Delta, and have never spent more than 160 bucks for a roundtrip ticket, sometimes less. So if I find a deal, I usually book it, because I love Arizona, & love visiting my Mom/Brad & other family. It was great fun, & I hung out with my family there, we had a BBQ & Karaoke night... haha, hilarious to say the least. Then I went & looked at some more houses, because I am bound & determined for this move to AZ to happen... & I was not disappointed! I found some great places, and just waiting (patiently) for it all to come together. Someday, right? Unfortunatley we spent a large amount of my trip in the ER or Dr's office, my Mom was really sick. They are not sure what is wrong with her, this week she has to go in to get a ton of crazy tests done. Poor Mom.
Me & my awesome cousin Jeremy bringin' down the house in Karaoke

Brad really missed me, A LOT.....

I never can get enough of this lady, I love you MOM!

Well last night, I met up with my old best friend from Elementry School., Rachel. We had literally not seen each other since 6th grade.... We recently reconnected on Facebook, and wanted to get together. So we met up, and laughed realllllly hard at some hilarious memories we both recalled. I guess you never lose that connection with a best friend, because we were laughing & having a great old time. I hope we have many more girls nights together! Laughing that hard is like the best thing ever. I'm so glad we met up Rach, & can't wait for our next night out. Minus those obnoxious teenagers singing harmony, & maybe next time we could pick a less ridiculous movie? :)
And that's about it! Dave was sick pretty much the entire month of April, and we both got that cold flu crap this last week, again, but are starting to get over it... and THAT'S A WRAP!