Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sydnie's room

Well I ordered all Sydnie's nursery stuff today! I couldn't be more excited... it's totally different than I originally thought I wanted, but I'm such a sucker for the girly- pinky- princessy- flowery- STUFF. I love it. Here are some pictures!
(I am still finishing her quilt, which is these same colors, but I won't be done for a while, and I think it'll be more like her comfy blankey than her bedspread anyway, at least that's what I hope happens)

Changing table:


Week from Hell & Valentines...

Well I will start with the good updates!

Valentines Day!
We had a wonderful V-Day spent at The Grand America, indulging in way too many treats, & relaxing... probably one of our last nights out somewhere overnight before the baby gets here.
Our camera is currently broken so I don't have much to show for this wonderful weekend we had, but me being pregnant, snapped a few of my favorite treats with my camera phone. haha.
This is what was waiting for us on our bed when we checked in (courtesy of working for Sinclair, who owns The Grand America... our entire stay & food was free)

We had dinner reservations that had a dessert buffet... not a good idea for a pregnant lady. Wowee! I took one of everything and just had a couple bites of each. hahaha.

We did not exchange gifts this year, since all our extra spending money is currently invested in our new home purchase... but we had a great time on our night away!
So onto, the NOT so good week.... Last week on Tuesday it started... I had been bragging about how healthy I'd been this pregnancy, & winter... I was so lucky I had not caught ANYTHING. I got the worst cold flu ever Tuesday, couldn't breath, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, had fevers... and of course you can't take hardly anything while pregnant. Well by Saturday I started to feel normal again. Sunday morning we get up to go carpet shopping & pick out paint for our new house. While at Home Depot, I about passed out from feeling so weak & almost throwing up. It felt like morning sickness, but 800 times worse. The entire rest of my Sunday was spent throwing up & making frequent trips to the bathroom. I still went to work Monday, but was in the restroom most of the day, and was not able to keep anything down. By 5 Monday night I thought I was feeling better, & that it was just a 24 hour stomach bug. So we ate some dinner with Dave's family, and well.... about an hour later, that didn't end so good. All night was just pure HELL. I got up to try to go to work, made it there for about 2 hours, before I nearly passed out. I was so sick, and couldn't even walk to the bathroom anymore. Called my Doctor who told me to go straight to Labor & Delivery for IV Fluids. I was so sick, I seriously felt like I was in a dream. They hooked me up to everything to monitor me & the baby, and sure enough I was having tons of contractions! I couldn't even tell because I was so sick and in pain just from what I thought was the flu. Luckily, after 3 bags of fluid, and Zofran, the contractions went away, & I felt like a human again! Baby was fine, her heartrate was normal, so luckily she was not suffering too much from my illness. But apparently dehydration is super serious when you're in the 3rd trimester, as it can send you into preterm labor. So, they didn't want to take any chances... and it was good I went in, since I was apparently having contractions without realizing it! Long story I know... but I am so greatful all is well, and soooo happy to be feeling like a HUMAN again! Who knew 4 hours at the hospital & IV fluids would have me feeling so great! Oh and ZOFRAN. Thank you for that drug!

2 weeks till we close on our house & 8 weeks till baby is HERE!! Can't wait!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's official! We've ended our negotiations with the seller, & we are officially UNDER CONTRACT!
We got a screamin' good deal, as well as them throwing in a brand new fridge, washer, & dryer! Heck yes!
Check out some pics of our soon to be home. (fingers crossed nothing goes wrong) We are scheduled to close on March 4th.

Front of the house:


Back of house:

Front Entry:

Front room:

Front room/Dining room
Another shot of the frontroom area:
Our Bedroom (it will be painted to cover these ugly colors!)

Dave's Office ( I love the RED! Dave doesn't)

Baby Sydnie's Bedroom (totally will be PINK!)


Oh I had to post this pic, this laundry room is HUGE! :)
It is 4 Beds, 2 baths, and 2400 Sq Ft. 3 Bedrooms 1 bath upstairs, & 1 bed 1 bath downstairs.
It's a perfect first little home for us. WE are SOOOO EXCITED!

Monday, February 7, 2011

a new house... & only 10 weeks left!

Well... we made it to February!
It has been a hellacious few weeks....
First, we had a giant flood at our Condo... plumber came back in November to fix a minor leak, but he didn't do what he said he was going to do. Thank heavens for insurance...
Condo is off the market now. We are leasing it, it's just been too hard to sell in the market.
Then, I rearended a parked car 2 days later... so that was fun. Our insurance rates are going to be awesome!
But we made our move on the house we want in Millcreek! We put an offer in Saturday, & will hear back tonight!

check it out:

So hopefully that works out & soon... since we only have 10 weeks left till baby arrives!!
Here is a crappy 30 week belly shot for you all to enjoy... GAG ME! I feel so huge already... and still have 10 weeks of growing to do. Bleh. But so excited, she is kicking & moving like crazy!