Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a house, a shower, & only 27 days to go!

WE FINALLY CLOSED on the house!
Yahoo. I can't even begin to express how freaking excited this makes me. We went & cleaned last night, and will start moving in our stuff today.
Look at my fireplace! :) And my shiny mopped floors!

Dave cleaning the windows

So excited... we can't wait to get in there & unpacked. We start painting on Friday.
Among other things... I had yet another shower! Ya, I know! We are spoiled. Dave's family threw this one for me. Everyone pitched in and got us our Stroller/Carseat combo, as well as a big play basket full of toys, books, & fun baby stuff. I also got lots of cute clothes for little miss.

Here are some pictures from that.
How cute is this diaper/baby towel/onsie cake my Mother in Law made?!?

Cute cupcakes

Me & my Mom
Me & both my Moms!
Painting Sydnie's room on Friday, and finally setting up the nursery on Sunday... I can't wait! I must admit, I kept saying I hope she doesn't come early, but I'm not gonna lie-- I hope she does! I'm getting sick of being huge! BUT, oh SOOOO excited for this little princess to arrive!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Showers galore... and 5 more weeks!

Man have we been spoiled lately! Or should I say baby Sydnie is one spoiled little girl! In February my friends @ Bunco threw me a shower, then my work thru me a shower the beginning of March, and just this past Saturday, my sweet sister & cousin threw me a big friends/family shower! It was awesome. We've been seriously spoiled... and I still have another shower on Friday with Dave's side of the family! WOWZA! We got so much fun stuff... loved it all.
Here are some pics from the shower I snapped with my phone:

The feast!

Cute diaper cake my cousin made for me (so cute!!)

Some of our loot!

Well I've only got 5 short weeks to go. I can't complain. I feel pretty great. Still exercising 4-5 days a week. No stretch marks to mention yet ( knock on wood)... I just can't wait to meet our little bug and hold her in my arms!
We close on the house on Monday, and move in Wednesday... I cannot wait to start nesting!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rest in peace Grandma Gilda!

Friday morning, Dave's Grandma passed away. She was an awesome lady. I got to know her quite well the past 9 years Dave & I have been together. We will really miss her. She brought so much to our family. Love you Grandma!

Gilda Mae Wells 1921 ~ 2011 Our dear sweet Gilda passed away peacefully on March 11, 2011. She was 89 years old. She was the eldest child of Robert K. and Illa M.Wells, born on August 4, 1921 in Myton, Utah. Gilda was a graduate of Roosevelt High School in Duchesne County and a dedicated bookkeeper for over 20 years at Welders' Supply. Gilda's daughter, Peggy, was her dearest passion. Her life revolved around Peggy's upbringing and later, Peggy's beautiful family. She shared a special closeness with her five sisters and their families a closeness remembered well by her many nieces and nephews. Gilda is survived by her daughter Peggy (Steven) Geurts, her sisters Shirley Ratterman, Betty Kurtz, and Charlie Russillo, four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. Michelle (Ryan) Christensen: Natalie, Brady and Beck. Alisha (Tyler) Evans: Taylor, Marissa and Libby. David (Kristen) Geurts: Sydnie. Jared (Laurie) Geurts: Carter. She is preceded in death by her sisters Jeanne Hansen and Lee Fortunato. A viewing will be held on Monday, March 14th, 2011, 11:30-12:30 a.m. at Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple. A family tribute will follow at 12:30. Interment will be at the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City.

Friday, March 4, 2011

34 weeks down... 6 weeks to go!

Well, I wanted to document some pregnancy related things. In the last month things have become so much more REAL to me. Not that it wasn't real before... but I think my belly suddenly doubled in size, & I can feel & see movements, & it's just INSANE. I love it. I love being pregnant. I love my baby. I love it all. I have been SO very lucky to have had such a pleasant pregnancy. Just now I'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.
Things I will miss:
* Putting my hand on my belly and feeling the baby roll around under my hand
* Feeling her little punches & kicks even when they hurt or make me almost pee myself because it's right on my bladder
* Getting special treatment/attention from my Husband and everyone just because I'm pregnant. :)
* Using the belly as an ipad stand... I watch movies on it nightly to fall asleep... and my belly has been a really convenient propping tool. ;)
* Waking up at night to crazy kicking & movements. I don't even care that I am missing sleep over it, because it's just so amazing to me!
* These moments that just only her & I can experience together while I'm pregnant, because she is in my belly... I feel so connected to her. It's something I can't even describe, but I just feel so bonded & in love with her already!

Dave is so cute. He is so excited to be a Dad. He's changed in a lot of ways over the past 8 months. Not that he needed to... but there are little things I've noticed about him. He saves money like crazy these days... those who know Dave know he has always been a big spender, and buys whatever he wants, whenever... not since we found out baby was on the way! He stashes it away, he wants her to have the best life. I think it's so cute. He is soooo opinionated about baby related topics. Like her middle name-- that is going to be ALL his -- and he won't tell me till she's born. Picking out baby stuff--- I never thought he gave a crap about any of this junk, but he SURE DOES have an opinion on all of it! He cares so much about it all, and wants to be involved in every aspect. He has never missed ONE of my appointments. NEVER! Even just the stupid ones where they weigh you & make you pee. He's there, asking the doctor every question he can think of. (its kind of embarassing sometimes- but very cute!) He takes such good care of me, & way more gentle/loving/caring with me than ever before. I just love him to death. He's going to be SUCH a good Daddy. He is so excited to meet our baby girl, & will always talk about how he wants to be the best Dad, and for her to be proud of him. So cute!
I seriously have never been more in love with Dave. Being pregnant has brought us closer in ways I didn't even know were possible. I just love him so much. I'm so excited for this next step in our lives together!

I've been craving some very odd things... things that are not edible at all. But I literally want to take a BITE out of these. I could sniff them and sniff them and lick them & eat them up! I can't even describe to you the strange IMMENSE desire I have to take a bite out of these:

Yankee Garden candle: OH MY DEAR ME! I want to eat it now! I want a bite out of it. Seriously looking at this right now is making my mouth water.

Zest body wash/Bar soap : This started when Dave would shower & I'd smell it, and I really wanted to go lick the bubbles off his skin. He thinks I'm real gross. But I can't explain it, I really want to eat the bar of soap, and drink the bubbles. I make Dave take showers & baths as much as he is willing just so I can smell this stuff.

Our housing situation was delayed, due to inspection & appraisal issues. So we won't be moving till March 22nd. WE ARE SUPER BUMMED. Just because I really want to nest... & get everything ready! And moving/painting etc... a few weeks before the baby comes is just a lot to handle. But we are so excited, and can't wait to finally move in.

Birthing class tomorrow... should be interesting! I'm excited to learn about all the scary birth stuff. :)
We have an ultrasound next week... so I will post some pictures then! Maybe I will post one more belly shot before I get too big. I feel giant right now. Like a the staypuff marshallow man.
~Peace out for now~

oh before I leave you-- let me tell you my guilty pregnant pleasure these days...

ORANGE LEAF! (yummiest frozen yogurt in the universe! go try it!)