Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Coconut Pickin Season..... errrr no

We thought it was coconut picking season...


... than we quickly realized that they weren't done cookin...



Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life's a BEACH!!

A view we don't want to forget....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bahams Day 4

Today was so much fun, and scary at the same time. We tried out SCUBA DIVING!! Niether of us were certified, so they have a thing here where you can get an introductory lesson for about an hour in a pool, and then they take you on a shallow dive, like 30 feet. So we did it! We only have pictures of the before and after, the underwater ones have yet to be developed. But it was awesome, we saw a huge fish eat a baby octopus, and fed fish and they would eat the bread out of your hands. It was amazing.
After the pool lesson we were off on the boat to the dive site.

On our way to the dive site-- dave being way excited!
This was after our dive, and notice the huge dented in line across my forehead, ya, apparently I had my mask was on way too tight, that line stayed there all day and part of the night. haha.
This is a view of our hotel from the boat on our way back.
Tonight we went to Port Lucaya and ate dinner, and then went to the beach at night. There is not much to do here at night as everything closes so early. We go to bed pretty early, and get up pretty early though, so it works out.
Dave in front of the Casino by our Resort.
There are lizards everywhere too!
Then we went to the beach when it got dark, and amazingly the water is still so warm!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bahamas Day 3

So today was quite the adventure for us... Holy COW! From caves, to kayaking thru a mangrove forest, to feeding a raccoon in my lap, to amazing beaches, you'll see it all here!
We booked a tour to do a Kayak nature tour to the National Park here. We heard Gold Rock beach was amazing, and it was part of the tour so we booked it.
We started off hikig to caves, that were filled with BATS! I could not get a very good picture inside the cave, but those black little dots on the 2nd picture, are BATS!

After that we got on then Kayaks and thru the mangrove forest... it got way narrow in places, and we kept getting stuck in the trees. We had a hard time getting the kayak to move where we wanted it to, but it was fun anyway..

So when we finished our Kayaking, we ended at gold rock beach, where we had a picnic lunch, and we arrived to find some SUPER friendly guests, who wanted to eat our food! RACCOONS! These raccoons were so crazy. One crawled up on my lap and ate food out of my hand!! I was so scared they were going to bite me or scratch me, but they were really just like a cat or a dog.
Check out the video!

After our raccoon encounter we were amazed at Gold Rock Beach-- it was GORGEOUS. Probably the prettiest and cooloest looking beach I've ever seen. It has really high tide, but the water is not deep, you can walk out for like a mile, and it doesn't get past your knees. And the water was so warm, it felt like a hot tub. It was just one of the coolest places either of us has ever been to. We were in the sun all day long, and even though we put on sunscreen, we both got FRIED.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bahamas Day 1 & 2!

So we arrived here in Lucuya, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas at about noon on Sunday. We had to wait about 2 hours to get into our room, and all we wanted to do was get in our swimsuits and hit the beach.
We went and got lunch and waited in the lobby, where Dave passed out on the chair. (he was really tired)

Finally we got a key to our room and we were amazed at the view, it was gorgeous!!

We hit the beach right after we got to our room. The sand is so tiny, like flour, and it gets everywhere!

It is gorgous here, and so far we're having a blast. Everything here is dead and closes at about 9. So I've had some time to update my blog and e-mail, which is nice, because we have no cell phone service.

Tonight we went to Port Lucuya which is across the street, and is filled with little shops and places to eat. We ate at "Le Med" and it was so good.

Friday, May 9, 2008

8 days... and counting! Bahamas here we come!

Yes, it's true... the count down is on for our Bahamas trip! We are so flippin' excited!! Only 5 more days of work and 8 days total until we will be on our way to PARADISE!
I found a picture on the internet that someone took of there ocean view room at the same hotel we're staying at-- and we have an oceanview room, so I really hope our view is this great!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Real VS LA Galaxy... DAVID BECKHAM.. Or more importantly Steve Cronin!

So the big game was this weekend between RSL & LA Galaxy... we TIED! David Beckham was as amazing looking in person as he is on TV. We went with Sadie, the little sis, and we all wore our REAL shirts! We (the girls) especially loved our view the first half, as we were lucky enough to see the drop dead gorgeous Steve Cronin who is the goalie for Galaxy.

Of course I went just to see David Beckham, but it was super fun, and Dave loves his soccer. We had a blast!