Thursday, December 9, 2010

yummy in my tummy!

I can't get enough of THIS

OR, this!

I'm telling you when I think of heaven... I think of laying on a couch, kicking back with a big huge bucket of TUNA SALAD & munching away on it while watching Vampire Diaries... And then I'd finish it off with some cherry laffy taffy ropes... NOT just any laffy taffy will do, it must be CHERRY ROPES.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

20 week ultrasound...

Well, this ultrasound was different than the others.... because it lasted like 45 minutes, and it was a lot of shoves and pushes on my uterus, pelvis, and tummy. Not quite comfortable. But she's still a girl, still due April 19th & cute as can be!
At my other ultrasound they tried to get cute profile shots and cute shots of the baby... at this one they were not interested in giving me a good photo-- just wanted to check & measure everything! Which is great... because she is totally perfect, & measuring great, & all her organs are intact & look healthy. But they gave us a stack of pictures that are just blurs of random body parts and organs, nothing really fun to look at. So I won't post em'.
But, happy to report all is well & normal! What a relief to go to appointments to find out your little baby is doing just wonderfully. :) Happy Mama! Can't wait to meet you in 20 weeks (or less) Sydnie!
Btw... I need suggestions for middle names... Dave is not diggin' Anne...