Wednesday, June 10, 2009

15 more days until this...

Rest & relaxation... at the Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui....

Scuba Diving at Molokini Crater, and South Maui....

Swimming in Waterfalls on the Road To Hana...

And fun with these 2 cuties for an entire week!!

Pretty much, I don't know how I'm going to handle the next 2 weeks... I already can't sleep at night, I'm THAT excited!!
Man I LOVE Hawaii... and we are so stinkin' excited!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life is GOOD!

So I have been horrible about updating this blog!
So here is my attempt to update on the latest goings on in our life!
So over Memorial Day, Dave & I decided to make the HUGE drive to AZ to spend the weekend with my Mom... we left Thursday night after work, and wow... what a horrible was raining the whole entire way, and I was behind so many people towing their boats that I could not even go the speed limit, let alone speed, the entire drive. Dave slept like a baby the entire time. We finally arrived at like 6 am...
WE had a BLAST! Laying in the sun, eating, and just enjoying some good quality time with my AZ family.
Here are some pictures
First night we went & saw my cousins band play, The PJs... it was a good ol' time, especially for Brad!

Next day we layed in the sun & soaked up as much as we could.... And unfortunately for Dave, he forgot his sunscreen, and had blisters alllll over his body and was not doing so good that night. We were suppose to meet up with a friend of mine from Highschool who lives in Mesa, Dave Anderson & his wife... but, unfortunately we had to cancel, due to Daves "situation"... poor Dave!

So we stayed home and had a bonfire in my Moms backyard and roasted mallows with the whole famiy, it was GREAT!

Our last night there we went to Dave & Busters... this place is so fun! They don't have them in Utah, and the only thing I can compare it to is sort of like 49th Street Gallery/Fun Dome, but way better, and it's a restaurant.

Then we came home & have been loving this Utah summer weather... GREAT!!

Yesterday we had my cousins Wedding... it was at the International Peace Gardens, in Salt Lake... awesome!
Here are some pictures of that event...

And last but DEFINITELY not least... The REAL game... we went last night! What a blast! We went to dinner first with Dave's parents then to the game... and I totally cheated on my diet & got ice cream... and it was FABULOUS!